Thursday, 4 May 2017

Writing Snippets

Our current writing focus is narrative writing. We have been talking about how we can gain and maintain audience interest. Some of the things we need to use are: a hook that will get the audience's attention, interesting vocab, sequencing our ideas and making links between paragraphs. 
Here's a couple of snippets:

Once upon a time there were two families, the Pugs and the Rabbits. They hated each other. 
(the characters are then described). 
This is the story of why they hated each other. 

"Wow! What an idea. I wonder how though?" said the tall, strong boy as he quickly passed the security to get on the plane. 
(the setting is then described)
As soon as Theo climbed down the tree to get to the beach his stomach rumbled as loud as a giant's yawn, so he looked for some food. Not long after he spotted a banana tree but the problem was he was worried he might fall off. After awhile Theo's stomach managed to make him climb the tree.

There will be more snippets as we continue writing our narratives.

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