Monday, 12 June 2017

Forensic Fun

Today Rebecca from Science Alive visited our class. She told us that there had been a theft of a special candy recipe from the Candy factory. We had to use science to check the evidence so we could work out who had committed the crime.

The first thing we did was to identify the fingerprints left at the scene. We also took our own finger print and worked out what type of finger print we had.


We then used blotting paper and water to find out whose pen had been used to write the note left at the scene. This is called chromatography.

We compared the mud left at the crime scene with mud taken from the suspects' boots. The evidence showed that the mud was magnetic and sunk in water.

 For the next testing process we needed to wear safety glasses to stop any of the liquid splashing into our eyes. 

We tested the liquid found at the scene. We used the pH scale and discovered that the liquid was acidic.

The last test involved using a reacting agent and a catalyst to check the liquid found at the scene of the crime.
At the end the evidence pointed to Mercedes as the person who had committed the crime.

We recorded our results as we completed each test.


We all had a great time with Rebecca and learnt lots of new things. A special thanks to Pania and Sophie for helping us.

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