Wednesday, 5 July 2017

First Aid Recounts

Here's some recounts about our First Aid day with Stacey and Fi.

Stacey asked us what we knew about first aid. Then she asked us if we knew where Red Cross comes from. After that Fi showed us a movie about Red Cross and we learnt a lot from that video.
Next up we learnt about DRSABC. We even tried first aid with our buddy. It was really fun testing it out with our buddy. Alexis

On Tuesday we learnt about first aid. Fi and Stacey introduced themselves to us. Fi taught us about the Red Cross. We watched a video about Henry Durant who started the Red Cross..
Then Stacey taught us about first aid. First she talked about DRSABC and we learnt what that stands for. Next she talked about what can poison us. We also learnt about broken bones, choking, fainting and many more things that we might need to use first aid for. Stacey gave us a card and we got into a group. One person read the card and we acted it out in front of the class. John

On Tuesday we had a visit from Stacey and Fi from the Red Cross New Zealand. They showed us a video about Henry Durant who created the Red Cross because he wanted to take care of his people. The red cross represents the Swiss flag. EJ

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