Friday, 10 February 2017

Term 1 Week 3 Homework

Term 1 Week 3 2017 Homework

1. Reading for at least 15-20 minutes every night.

2. We have been learning about prayer. Please share the Prayer Journey sheet with your whanau and complete together. Also talk about the Prayer Journaling sheet.

3. Review: Choose a book, TV programme or movie. Write down the following:
1     1. Title and author or producer.
2      2. Main characters/actors.
        3. Type of book/programme/movie – comedy, drama, science fiction …
4      4. Setting – where does it take place?
5      5. Summarise, in your own words, what the book/programme/movie is about.
        6. Your opinion – what did you think of the book/programme/movie?

Your homework is due on Thursday 16 February but you are more than welcome to hand it in before then. If your work is not completed by this time, please bring a note from your parents so that I can be understanding and give a time extension.

If you have any questions about your homework please come and see me before Thursday.


Mrs K-C

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